Safe Environments

As a health insurance company, we closely align our community involvement activities with the core of our business – helping people get and stay healthy. Outside traditional health care services, there are many occurrences that can impact a person’s overall well-being such as homelessness, mental health and when disaster strikes. This focus area within the Healthy Kids, Healthy Families® initiative tackles health in a holistic way by partnering with local organizations that provide our communities with the resources they need to improve quality of life.

Key partnerships and collaborations to help build safer environments across our states include:

Illinois – The Chicago Department of Public Health, in collaboration with Chapin Hall, is investigating the unmet mental and behavioral health needs of school children and identifying service models that best address those needs.

MontanaWestern Montana Mental Health Center’s Child and Family Service Network helps youth and families manage the difficulties brought about by mental illness.

New MexicoAssistance Dogs of the West raises and trains courthouse facility dogs to help legal professionals assist crime victims, predominantly children, who have witnessed a horrific crime, domestic violence or are victims of abuse.

Oklahoma –The Mental Health Association Oklahoma is dedicated to promoting mental health, preventing mental disorders and achieving victory over mental illness through advocacy, education, research and housing.

TexasPhoenix Center provides a therapeutic summer camp for children and features evidence-based, preventative mental health programs including equine therapy, outdoor therapy and other team building activities.